“This is amazing! EVERY couple should do this workshop – it is truly life changing.” – Lara Neri, Irving, TX 

“As a very practical and logical individual, I am amazed at how impactful the process has been on an emotional level.” – Neil Buflin, Dallas, Tx 

” Best thing I ever did in 34 years of marriage.” – Joe Betras, Dallas, TX

” This weekend was a life altering experience.” – Barbara Luhlke, Richardson, TX

“Life changing, the ultimate framework for relationships and ultimately self-realization. Fantastic! – Karen Solomon, The Colony, TX

“We were on the verge of divorce after 30 years of marriage and this weekend was a God ordained break through.” –  T. Andrews, Dallas, TX

“After 23 years together I was told last night that she is more happy and in love with me than ever before which makes me feel complete and whole.  This workshop is worth every penny and the investment in time to do the course.” – Rob Mattson, Murphy, TX

“Dave and Margie are excellent presenters. The Imago techniques were clearly presented and put into practice immediately for good retention. I would recommend this workshop to other couples.” – Missy Gocio, Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Dave and Margie are fantastic and their passion and delivery make the message that much more impactful and easy to grasp.” – James Treadway, Irving, TX 

“After 35 yrs. of marriage, this workshop has helped us more than anything we have ever done.” – Marie Azcona, Irving, TX

“It saved my marriage in less than 72 hours!” – T. Pruett, TX

“Every married couple who is interested in creating a loving and safe relationship with their spouse and children should participate in the Imago workshop – truly life-altering.”  Tony Azcona, Irving, TX

“This was an awesome, eyeopening experience!” – Shane Smith, AZ

“Thank you for giving me the tools and map to have the life I always wanted but never knew how to get there.” – Shawn Descombaz, TX 

“This has been an amazing workshop. I leave here with my toolbelt full of new tools for my relationship.”– Jason Lindwall, TX

“Treat yourself to a gift of love that will have ripple effects in attending this workshop.” – Lisa VonBieren

“Truly life-changing. After 33 years I didn’t know how little I knew about communicating with my wife.” – Mark Koch 

“My husband and I attended your workshop back in 2003 and it was the beginning of healing for our marriage. Before your workshop, we were on the verge of divorce and didn’t even want to be around each other…Since then, God hasn’t just restored our marriage, He has recreated it…I just wanted to thank you for all you do for couples! God used you for this breakthrough as well as many years of continued healing. God bless you both! – Amy Oldham

“This weekend has transformed our marriage in such a positive way – wish we had known about it sooner. Should be mandatory for all people!” – Kelly Elliott

 “WOW! Such a warm,loving couple teaching couples to talk “with” each other and not “at” each other.”– Lyn Hawthorne

“Dave and Margie have a gift for facilitating growth in marriage.” -Tony Wax, Flower Mound,TX

“No matter if your relationship is at its very best or terribly broken, any couple would benefit from this workshop.” – Andy Gardner, Wylie, TX

 “It is clear that Dave and Margie are passionate about the impact that Imago Therapy holds. It is a magical journey of healing which knows no bounds.” – Lane Michelle Wood, Trophy Club, TX

“Life-changing revelations!” – Charlie Goetz, Dallas, TX

“This is the best way to learn about yourself and your partner and how to heal and grow your relationship.” – Beth Johnson, Dallas, TX

“There is an amazing benefit to this program that you can’t imagine until you have participated in it.” – Tom Ordermann, Dallas, TX

“I would emphatically encourage all couples to attend this workshop. The insights and tools can help a strong relationship grow stronger, and they can even restore hope and possibility to the most devasted and barren relationship.” – Tesa Yepez, Irving, TX

“This weekend was a life-altering experience.” – Barbara Kuhlke

 “This was a fabulous workshop – life-altering – extremely helpful, with practical tools for marital growth.” – Joanna D. Shuart, Plano, TX

“This has been the most effective workshop I have been in.” – Raymond Estrello, Sr., Garland, TX

“The money is insignificant compared to the value. The information is transforming.” – Don Carafiol, Dallas, TX

“The tools are the best relationship menders I have ever experienced. I have newfound hope for our relationship! You are a blessing.” – Isabel Sloan, Round Rock, TX

“I learned more about my wife in these 20 hours than I had in twelve years of marriage. Fantastic!” – Joe Gilbert, Shawnee, OK

“This workshop moved us light years beyond what traditional counseling had done for us – Donna Emery, Longview, TX

“How I wish we had learned these tools before our children were grown.” – Cecila Bush, Flint, TX

“I wish all couples would take this workshop in order to have happy families and transform our society – I would say the world.” – Marco Rubino, Dallas, TX

 “I recommend this workshop thoroughly to all couples at any stage of their relationship.” – Mies DeVries, Dallas

“This workshop was a profound awakening in my life and in my marriage experience.”– Mike Greer, Rockwall, TX

“You leave with a true sense of excitement to do the work needed to heal yourself.”– Pratul Patel, MD, Dallas, TX

“This can be the life or death of a relationship – ‘therefore, choose life.'” – Linda Reaves, Greenville, TX

“Amazing! If you want to know how to heal yourself and your relationship, this workshop is a must. Four stars!”  – Kimberly Whitlock, Red Oak, TX

 “Dave and Margie ROCK!” – Sharon Lyons Burgess, Dallas, TX

“Wow!” – Rick LaDue, Plano, TX

“This workshop should be a requirement for receiving a marriage license! I have found a whole new approach for my relationship with my husband.” – Sally Neel, Pagosa Springs, Co

“Great Workshop! An excellent step in deciding if we are truly ready for a committed relationship.” – Laura Rippe, Carrollton, TX

‘The best investment I’ve ever made. This workshop gave me the tools I need to help myself, my husband, and my marriage heal and grow.” – Kim Redington, Springfield, IL

“Do you ever feel frustrated, upset, angry, and feel like quitting? Come and learn how to overcome those behaviors!” – – Michael Redington, Springfield, IL

“The insight and tools into healing are so enlightening. I can’t wait to begin using them.” – Lorrie Thomas, Longview, TX

“This workshop saved our marriage from sure divorce.” -Becky Ervin, Grand Prairie, TX

“A wonderful, safe opportunity to develop the type of marriage I always dreamed about.” – Kathy Palmer, Garland, TX

“Dave and Margie, through their examples and explanation, put life and energy into the Harville Hendrix’s book and made it work in my life.” – Jim Kasle, Plano, TX

“I should have done this work years ago.” – Mike Dossa, Irving, TX

“Dave and Margie are living proof of what they teach. I recommend the workshop to all couples.” – Monica A. Morena, Cedar Park, TX

“Dave definitely has a gift to reach deep down into people’s hearts and help begin the healing process. Margie is a model to attain to and gives me hope.” – Angela Williams, Cedar Park, TX

“The seminar provides a new level of understanding to the marriage process.” – Tom Guyton, Tyler, TX