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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

                           – Rumi

Our Experience

  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Clinical Members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapists, Advanced Clinicians
  • Certified Imago Workshop Presenters
  • Past Co-Presidents for the Association of Imago Therapists
  • Past President of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


“This program opened our hearts and souls to the possibilities of a deeper, more meaningful connection.” B.A.

“Amazing! This experience helped to bring us closer after years of going parallel with each other.” N.K.

“We have been through counseling before …but now I am able to not only receive their golden nuggets of wisdom, but I can also see myself practically applying them to radically change the relationship with my spouse and others.” K.C.

“Dave and Margie have a beautiful way of making the difficult and painful issues in relationship grounds for affirmation and healing.” C.F.

“Drs. David and Margie’s program is a MUST for any marriage, at any stage, or any age. It is a crash course in positivecommunication skills and connection, along with a beautiful opportunity to deeply grow and connect with your spouse.” K.A.

Love is All There Is Collection of Inspiring Messages Compiled by Margie McKeon, Ed.D.Love is All There Is 

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If you want to be inspired, or want to have your spirit lifted, or want to learn to love yourself more deeply, then this little book filled with beautiful graphics and thought-provoking quotes is for you. Readers immediately think of a friend or family member they would like to share it with.

It provokes comments like:

  • “This is a treasure.”
  • “This book will bring enormous pleasure to many.”
  • “It started my day in the most wonderful way.
  • ”I think the world needs this book.”

21-Day Meditations for     Couples

LOTUS_ORDER_2.jpgThese meditations average about ten minutes and draw on both eastern and western spirituality. Each meditation contains an inspirational message, a centering thought for the day, a sacred word or words for reflection and six minutes of meditative music.

A free, digital version of the meditations is available on most major music platforms, e.g. Spotify, Apple Music etc.  Just type in the search, “Thriving in relationship, 21-day meditations for couples.” 

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“The first duty of love is to listen.”
– Paul Tillich

Recall for a moment the last time you felt you were really heard.  What a gift it is when someone listens to you from the heart with focus attention, without any interruptions. When we can be fully present to another, the connection is increased and love is deepened. One of the richest gifts we have to offer another is our undivided attention with a compassionate presence.  This practice has the power to transform relationships.  Listen…and you will be heard.


Intensives are Available

What are Intensives?  Intensives are 3 hr counseling sessions that provide time for in-depth work that enables profound changes in a relationship to take place. 

Teletherapy Available

If you live too far away or if you prefer not to come in person to our office, contact us to make an appointment for video or teletherapy.

Who Can Benefit from Intensives?

  1. Couples who feel stuck and would like a quick break through.
  2. Couples who are doing well but desire new insights and new skills in order to take their relationship to a deeper level.
  3. Couples whose schedule would find a weekly session inconvenient and prefer a longer session.
  4. Prenuptial Preparation:  Couples who are preparing for marriage to learn life skills for marriage. 
  5. Couples who come from a long distance seeking help for their relationship. 


“Awareness creates your reality,” is an oft quoted axiom.  Awareness consists of two parts, intention and attention.  In a past television show, Dr. Michael Beckworth remarked that we suffer from an “intentional disorder.”  Rather than let the world determine our intentions, Dr. Beckworth invites us to establish our own intentions.  For example, “Today, I am available to more good then I have ever experienced” or “I am open to happiness, success and love as I journey through this day.”  He goes on to say, “Don’t be a self-fulfilling prophet of negativity.  Establish your own intentions and watch how that energy moves you in that direction.”  The result will be you can live your life better than you can image. 

Attention is also important.  Whenever you give focused attention to something it grows.  If you give focused atention to your children, they will do well. If you give focused attention to your business, it grows.  If you give focused attention to your plants, they blossom.  And, of course, if you give focused attention to your relationship, it thrives.  

One way to increase your attention is to daily play what we like to call the “A Game.”  It involves using your eyes, your mouth and your touch.  Throughout the day give caring Attention with your eyes.  Express Appreciation and Acceptance with your words.  Give hugs and show Affection with your touch.  Playing the “A Game” makes you more conscious of giving Attention, Appreciation, Acceptance and Affection.  Have fun!

Best thing I ever did in 34 years of marriage.
Joe Betras

Dallas, TX